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Dark Rose + Labdanum Linen & Room Mist

Dark Rose + Labdanum Linen & Room Mist

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Refresh your living space with our Dark Rose + Labdanum linen and room mist. A quick way to bring a pleasant and enticing smell to any area. 

Linen + Room Mist Info:

  • Net Weight - 2.8oz / 80g.
  • Bottle - Frosted glass with a gold spray nozzle and cap.

 How to use | Uses:

  • Take off the cap and spritz 2-4 times into the air of any room. 
  • Spray from 6 inches away on linen, bedding (sheets, pillowcases), upholstered furniture (sofa, dining chair), curtains, carpets. 
  • Spray in any area you wish to enhance the smell. 
  • To maximize scent in a desired space, keep doors and windows closed. 


  • Grain Alcohol
  • Essential Oils
  • Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils

** Linen + Room mist might change in color over time due to vanillin content**

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